I’m Britt – a student, an aspiring educator, a sorority officer, a lover of birthdays, red lipstick, cupcakes and espresso in any form. I enjoy quality time spent with friends and family, perusing Sephora, and watching too much Youtube. I have a passion for skin care, making comfortable look fashionable, and live for singing along to the radio.

An Alberta native, I grew up in a colourful world as my dad moved with the oil business, and was fortunate to experience life as a Canadian ex-pat.

I was shown early on that the world is a small place, and it ignited in me an inextinguishable passion for experience and adventure. Seven years after returning home, I now study Secondary Education in Social Sciences at McGill University, and am pursuing a calling for inspiring others to see the world the way that I do – an infinite series of open doors.

This is a platform for me to share my thoughts and reflect on my experiences as I navigate  the collegiate whirlwind that is life in glorious Montreal. Welcome to my space!


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