Moving – On, Up, Out (?)

Picture this – me, in my dimly lit Montreal apartment, surrounded by cardboard boxes and heaps of my own belongings, dry-shampoo-ponytail and an aura about me that says “wow, this bitch just went through a breakup, is finishing her third year of university, and is packing up her existence to move – again.”

That pretty much sums it up. Although to be fair, my aura isn’t all bad at this point.  I’ve got to hand it to the universe this month though, with nearly every planet in retrograde at some point, but tbh I think I’m handling it all quiet well.  My darling graduate student is finishing off his thesis and making moves in the world now (goodbyes suck), I’m in it for the long haul at McGill, and preparing for another summer of self and rejuvenation in my southern Alberta home – in all of it’s small town glory.  It’d be very easy at this point to wallow, but I’ve committed myself to getting busy and making good things happen again.  Doors close for even bigger ones to open, right?

I’ve started training for my mid-summer 10k, the halfway point to the half marathon which has yet to be decided upon but is most certainly in the plan as well.  It has been 8 crazy years since my cute, 13-year-old self ran my first half.  Running these races might just be the major key this summer –  I need something intense and difficult to keep me focused, and to keep me sane.  The physical benefits will be wonderful, but its a mental thing for me this time.  I can hardly wait.

As for now, I pack up my beloved pad and prepare for a bachelor to take over for until September.  Thank God for subletters, but moving (i.e. packing) is not my forte. Saving money will be an excellent addition to the staycation that will be this summer , but I will never get used to packing up all of my shit every 9 months. Finals are about done, and I hop on a plane at YUL this Friday. I’m hoping Alberta is just the change of scenery I need right now.

Oh, and I’ve got another creative project I’ve been toying with. Something a little more fun (?!). Will keep you posted.
Until then, au revoir! Cheers to making this week one worth celebrating.

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