Thoughts On Beauty

In the past two years, my friends and family have witnessed me grow from a novice makeup enthusiast to a full blown, beauty loving, Jaclyn Hill worshipping, highlight/contour/perfectly blended-crease-and-winged-liner toting makeup addict.

Having always been a creative type, I justify this expensive hobby by allowing it to be my creative outlet, if you will.  It’s become something I genuinely enjoy playing with and expressing myself through. I’m my girlfriend’s go-to for makeup and skincare advice, from drugstore to high end, and I’ve taken this position on with a spirit of great responsibility. I recently even got my grandmother into great makeup (You’re the best gram).

I want my loved ones to get the best out of the products they’re buying, I want them to glow with both health and confidence, and I want them to feel the way I do about getting ready.  I’ll use this part of the blog to give recommendations, share my recent skincare and beauty obsessions, and discuss the many ways that looking and feeling beautiful helps me to lead a life worth celebrating.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.35.21 PM


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