I speak for many of us when I say that at some point, the petrifying magnitude of what some call adulthood, just hits us.

We all go through some form of restless youth syndrome, daydreaming our teens away while wishing for something bigger and better. And suddenly, there we are. Something better ends up being studying our butts off in a city 3000 miles from home, bills to pay with only fifty bucks left in our chequing accounts and an expensive taste for Sephora (perhaps that’s just been my experience, but it’s been a blast, I swear).

For some it’s a realization on a dingy dorm room mattress, sitting on freshly made sheets surrounded by complete and utter newness after the final parental goodbye on move-in weekend. For me, it was a particularly hard semester of my second year at McGill. While my parents divorce got messy at home, assignments and midterm papers piled up, our troll of a landlord and the first floor neighbors kept me up at night, and dirty dishes filled my sink.

In a heap of despair and a puddle of expensive mascara, I quit my pity party for just long enough to realize that no matter how dreadful I felt, no matter how cosmically fucked up my karma (or whatever) was, I was the only person who was going to deal with it. I had to wash my own damn dishes, get the hell out of bed, and fix things for myself. It finally hit me, that adulthood is this imminent iceberg of a wall that hits us all like the Titanic and no one, not even the best of parents and teachers, can prepare us for it.

Needless to say, that semester (and what I’ve experienced thus far in terms of this concept of adulthood) has made me see the world a little differently.

But like anything hard, adulthood (or quasi-adulthood, for you cynical devils that will claim that 20 something college kids aren’t real humans yet) has its silver linings. This blog is about those silver linings, as I live and breath them, and to share the trials and tribulations of whatever the fuck adulthood means for a struggling millennial kid. No matter what, my motto is that life is always worth toasting to. So embrace the iceberg. Dive head first and see for yourself that this really is just the beginning. And know that even this phase is worth celebrating.

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